Munster theatre prepares for spring performance


SETTING THE STAGE Acting out a scene, Joshua Decker, Delaney Craig, freshmen, and Hayden Stanley, junior, work with each other to prepare for the upcoming spring production “Peter and The Starcatcher.” The play will be available to stream on May 7-9.

Gage Hoekstra, Page Editor

The Munster Theatre Company has jumped into preparation for their next big performance, “Peter and the Starcatcher.” Due to current COVID-19 restrictions the the Professional Music Education Association has advocated against traditional musicals. At the same time, many performers wanted to be able to incorporate music into their performances. 

“While it’s not technically a musical, there are opportunities for performers to sing and dance.” Mr. Raymond Palasz, auditorium director, said.  “With the guidance of Mr. Luke McGinnis, Choir Director, we have done a lot of pre-recording of the songs, and MTI, which also licenses this show, is editing the vocals with the pre-recorded instrumentals.  On top of that, this show is jam-packed with humor and great story-telling, which helps all of us escape the stresses of the pandemic.”

Streaming is now less than a moth away, taking place on May 7, 8, and 9. With audiences no longer able to attend live performances, theatre members have had to quickly adapt to performing for a camera. New filming, recording and lighting techniques have been adopted and are continually put into practice. 

While this has provided a new learning experience for many theatre members, it has also been a source of frustration.

“Some of the challenges definitely include the audience and the people that are doing eLearning,” Alyssa Sangueza, junior and actress, said. “It’s hard not seeing people in the audience because we can’t hear the reaction that we want on stage. With the people eLearning, it’s hard getting people in on time because they have to drive, bike or walk to get to the theater, and we don’t know who has to quarantine until the person is doing it because of how the pandemic is going.”

Despite these obstacles, Theatre has managed to successfully perform and film scripted shows, hold improv and launch a short film showcase.

“I believe our biggest accomplishment is that everybody is very dedicated and makes sure that they are putting in 110 percent into everything they do,” Ini-Obong Edet, sophomore, said.