CRIER NARRATIVE: No one knew what was going to happen


Max Lindenmayer, Head Photographer

I remember the day clearly, walking from Spanish class to prep for careers and college, rumors spreading that school was going to get closed. Kids going crazy screaming in the halls, excited to have spring break come early.

During the last hour of the day it became official. It was happening. School was getting shut down because of the coronavirus. No one knew what was really going to happen, everyone was just excited and thrilled we got an extra two weeks of spring break. After school ended I went to the gym for track practice and as I entered the gym someone had a speaker and was playing a song that said it was corona time and had music. Everyone thought this was all a joke. 

The next morning I had my drivers license test. I passed the test and got my license. I then drove to what I did not know would be my last track practice of the year. I had a  track workout. Six by one thousand meters at three minutes and fifteen seconds. I completed this and felt great, I honestly did not even have the thought of not having a season.

Then everything hit. We stayed out of school longer than the two that were initially stated. The track season was cancelled which made me think all the cold runs outside and hard work I put in felt like it was going down the drain. Personally hanging around at home and being quarantined was not bad, but not having anyone to run with made me believe this. 

While quarantining I took up a few hobbies. I was not much of a video gamer, but I started playing Warzone with my friends and ended up enjoying it greatly. I also attempted to learn the guitar, I was very good at making sure I practiced often and I learned a few rifts and skills on the guitar. Along with these hobbies I got a job which kept me busy and occupied.

Covid taught me that I should not take anything for granted. Since covid happened, I have not seen my grandparents. It has been strange since we typically spend every major holiday together but now I haven’t even seen them in over a year. Luckily, covid did not effect my fall season of cross country since Indiana allowed high school sports to go on.

Graphic by Max Lindenmayer