CRIER NARRATIVE: Calm in the Storm

Janai Munoz, Page Editor

I don’t really recall the exact moments when the school told all of the students there was going to be two weeks off. Let alone, that the two weeks would soon turn into months. If someone were to ask me to give them a play by play of everything that happened since March 13, The best I would be able to recall is the excitement of everyone around me. I remember hearing all the yelling of the students ready for a long break from school, planning trips with family and friends or even just simple hangouts.

 I remember the first week of quarantine, the only thing I was feeling was complete and utter boredom. I was bored and tired from being on my phone every hour of every day, and had little to no motivation for getting up and doing something, anything at all.

The weeks and months all just morphed together into one after the first two weeks. I am privileged to be able to say I was not as affected by covid as others were. There were some scares that my family and I had, but overall my experience with quarantine was somewhat peaceful. I already had a great connection with everyone I was living with, and we had some bonding over board games, not to mention arguments over said board games. Even some competition over who gets to put the last puzzle piece in place.  

Overall, I feel as if quarantine gave me peace of mind and made me feel really in tune with who I am as a person. There were moments where anything and everything would irritate me and I would just be mentally exhausted and felt like I couldn’t do anything, yet at the same time I was able to do everything I could want. I learned to skate, got better at painting, learned how to drive, and much more. I am very grateful for quarantine happening, but I would not want to go through it again, kind of like a spiritual awakening.