CRIER NARRATIVE: Anxiety, boredom, and despair

Henry Hofferth, Photographer

Looking back at how much has happened in the last year of this pandemic, it is hard to pinpoint anything. Everything has become a blur of anxiety, boredom, and despair. But I am very grateful to have an amazing support system of family and friends that are there for me. Thankfully, covid has not hurt anyone in my life, but I still worry for the people that are vulnerable to covid’s effects.

Throughout covid I have tried to better myself by working more on my art to starting a clothing brand with my friends. But when the world around you is in constant strife, it is hard to improve yourself when you can just curl up into a ball and watch countless hours of Netflix and YouTube. Covid has had a lot of ups and downs overall but I have personally improved in so many ways even though it took a lot of work.