CRIER NARRATIVE: A roller coaster ride of emotions

Chris Perez, Photographer

The effect of coronavirus on my life was a roller coaster ride of emotions, but for the most part this pandemic has affected my life in a positive way.  Obviously, it hasn’t been that way for everyone, but for someone like me who lives a very fortunate life it has been positive, which is something that was hard to find through the year with everything that was going on.  For me, the lockdown was what changed my perspective on life. I wanted to strive to be a more positive person and make a big decision.  I changed my career choice from wanting to be a doctor to wanting to become something totally different.  A cinematographer.  This is something that I always wanted to do in the back of my head, but my mom, a nurse,  really wanted me to be in the medical field and I just heard they got paid a lot so I wanted to do it.  This year has made me value something more than just money and material items.  I just wanted to be happy whether I was getting paid a lot or just a little.  And so I made the decision, to my mothers dismay, to apply to film school.  Even though she did not want me to, she still supports me and that all I could ever ask for.  As positive as that is, it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows.

I broke up and said goodbye to my girlfriend at the time and that left me pretty lonely, but luckily I had my friends and I came to my senses and just worked on myself like everyone else did.  After this I had a huge creative and spiritual awakening I guess you could call it and I found my moms old film camera and just taking photos of my small patio backyard.  I would just sit out there for hours just taking pictures of things I thought looked nice and using my phone to take short videos of shots I would use in a movie I have yet to write.  I have yet to get those photos developed and I’m curious what they would look like.  I always thought I could make a zine of those photos, whatever they may be and call it “isolation” or something like that.  But this was what I did throughout the lockdown and once school started me and my friends started working on a brand.  And improving my fashion along the way.  So overall I would say that covid has affected me in a positive way.