CRIER NARRATIVE: Losing motivation and endurance

Anna Evilsizor, Photographer

Facing covid and its many challenges took both a physical and mental toll on me. During this time I lost all motivation to do anything, especially my school work. eLearning was and still is the hardest way for me to learn. It is very difficult to get out of bed and efficiently take notes and learn. The temptation to set my computer aside and sleep was so great that it happened almost every time I logged on. I not only lost my motivation to do school, but to exercise. I soon became too mentally exhausted from the events happening around the world that I stopped everything and did nothing.  As covid continued to rapidly spread throughout the world, staying in contact with my friends was extremely difficult. I soon became worried about the relationships I might lose. Yet as this was going on, my sisters and I’s relationship grew stronger, but then we soon did almost everything together from playing games, baking, and movie marathons.