CRIER NARRATIVE: Coping without connection

Alexis Perez, Design Editor

In both shock and despair, we all learn how to cope without as much communication as we all once had when this all began. I personally think socializing is really important in our lives so we don’t feel lost or lonely. I understand that not everyone feels that way and are really independent which is amazing but I realized during this period of time that covid started I am not as independent as i thought. Since Covid restricts me from seeing other people such as family and friends, feeling lost has happened a lot to me and getting stressed easily since I am constantly in my own head. 

The sudden hit of emotions of not having anyone scares me deeply. I enjoy interacting with people but only with the people that I’m truly close to. I don’t get that much free time since i still have extra-curricular activities and school work. I am very grateful to the teachers that allow late work due to mental health or stress involving school since covid started. I think it is very important since something might be going on at home with that student or they are just struggling with their own thoughts and no one would know.

This quarantine honestly took a toll out of me. I always felt like everyday was just repeating itself and that nothing was going to change. It’s something that I struggled with since I am not good at always being alone with my thoughts by making myself worry. It has been draining for me since I lose motivation a lot in my current situation and mental state in my life. I keep pushing myself in order to stay on track so I can continue and move on.