Opinion: ‘S-no’ more snow days

Gone forever is the era of snow days. The once magical feeling of getting the call saying school has been canceled for the day will never be experienced by kids in the coming years. Instead, the call from the school will only mean a day of learning online.

Gleefully frolicing, Anthony Young, junior, plays in the snow outside MHS. “I feel overjoyed with the amount of snow!” he said. (Todd McKechnie)

I do feel that it is a great improvement in terms of online learning, to be able to go all online in such a short notice, but I also believe that every kid should have the chance to take part in actual snow days. 

Many people make the argument that, thanks to eLearning days, we no longer have makeup days at the end of the school year when it’s nice and hot outside. I disagree. I would always choose makeup days at the end of the year in exchange for the mid-week break from school that a snow day provides. 

Snow days act as a mental recovery day for many kids going through the long break-less months of January and February. Whether you spend your snow day inside, enjoy the warmth and comfort while play video games with your friends, go outside in the cold and play in the snow, or sledding and har snowball fights, these days should be cherished and not substituted with online learning days. 

eLearning days, for me and many others, are full of distractions. I feel like I am hardly learning on snow online days, at that point it makes more sense to have a regular school day, full of learning, added to the year. Some people again may feel otherwise, but I will stand by my thinking that snow days are a huge part of growing up. I have many memorable snow days and I would hate to deprive the future generations of these magical winter days.