Motivation Maintenance


Many athletes gain motivation by support from the community expecting to hear the crowd roar and cheer and to see the red and white sea of family, friends and faculty. One of the many perks to being a part of one of Munster Athletics’ programs is having the support of family members and students. However, this year due to covid, spectators at athletic events are restricted to two family members of an athlete on the roster and no siblings or students. 

As a dancer that performs at halftime, I can personally say that performing for my parents sometimes is not enough to keep me motivated. Seeing my parents in the crowd comforts me but seeing my friends in the crowd makes me feel supported. Last year was my first time having the privilege of being a varsity member which had many excitements. I looked forward to performing under late-night football lights and at overcrowded basketball games. 

The main reason I was excited about these athletic events was to perform in front of the students. Hearing the student section chant for us feels very supportive and makes our team feel appreciated. I believe that all student-athletes can agree that hearing support from their peers contributes to motivation. 

Not to sound cliché, but dressing up and having a student section plays a key role in the overall high school experience.  Athletes can feel unmotivated by the uncertainty of games and who will be able to watch them for the sake of their health and the rest of their families. 

 Munster Athletics has given each sport the opportunity for spectators which is something no athlete should take for granted. I do believe that athletes are grateful for what they have considering this years’ situation, but I do not think that they feel as motivated as they would in previous years.