Girls’ swim finish postseason while Boys’ swim starts their postseason

Boys’ Swim compete at Sectionals tomorrow. Girls’ Swim finished their season at State last week


Bailee Dejarlais

STRIVING FOR THE STREAK At swim practice Jordan Spilde, sophomore, prepares for the upcoming sectional and state meet practicing the butterfly stroke. The boys team has high hopes to keep their thirty five going on thirty six year streak at sectionals.

Despite COVID-19, Boys’ and Girls’ Swim have been able to have a season, and are nearing the completion of it. Girls’ Swim have completed their season with second place at Sectionals and individual wins at State. 

Boys’ Swim completed preliminaries for Sectionals yesterday, and have finals tomorrow at Munster. 

“A lot of the guys on the team have been out for two weeks because they might have had a scare or actually had the virus,” Mikey Dempsey, captain and senior, said. “That really sucks because with swimming you need to go every day twice a day, or else you won’t have the endurance to race your best. So if you’re out, you have to do whatever you can while you’re at home to stay in shape. That’s really difficult because in the winter not everyone can go to a pool or have the equipment they need.”

COVID-19 has not only impacted Boys’ and Girls’ Swim physically, but mentally. With COVID-19, both teams are more isolated. They can’t be close to each other in practice or meets, they can’t have their parents’ or friends’ support or do their team cheer before each meet.

“We’re all trying to have a positive mindset and just swim as best as you can, especially since we have this season while the sports can happen,” Priscilla Zavala, captain and junior, said. “We’ve been pushing through.”

Now, as Boys’ Swim is anticipating the final stage of Sectionals, they also look forward to State. 

“Last year we were runner up at State; that was really huge for our team,” Karl Larson, captain and senior, said. “We haven’t gotten anything like that in ten years. So it’s really great that we have that background, so that we know that we can do well at Sectionals and get down to State and have some good performances.”

After tomorrow, it will be the end of the Boys’ Swim season. 

“I’m just so thankful we had a season this year I really didn’t think we were gonna have one at all, but in a really great season,” Mikey said.