Cheer team fights against challenges


PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Practicing a quarter cheer, Hannah Cockrum, junior, focuses on perfecting the cheer.

Reena Alsakaji, Page Editor

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 hit sports teams hard, but every cheerleader has directly felt the merciless ways of the pandemic. With their competition season being cancelled, the cheer team attempts to stay positive in these unfamiliar waters. 

“[COVID-19] has taught me to not take things for granted and to live life with no regrets,” Meagan Hudson, sophomore, said. “Without having competitions, we have had to adapt and work together to make the best out of this season.”

Making the best out of this season includes many restrictionspracticing with masks on and sanitizing every 20 minutes. Alterations were even more rampant towards the beginning of the year, with mats and stunting being prohibited.

“We were unfortunately not able to compete this year due to the unknowns about Covid and the risks at the time,” Leena Campagna, sophomore, said. “Our competition, unlike the dancers, is at the beginning of the year whereas dancers begin to compete towards the winter months.”

Though this year has been less than optimal for the cheerleaders, practicing for upcoming basketball games has incited hope for the team. 

“We have been preparing for the basketball games,” Ms. Szafasz, cheer coach, said.   We are in a good routine now of having a game or two a week so it gives us something to work towards. [The girls] do struggle at times to keep their spirits high, but overall, I am pleased with how well they are dealing with the changes and adapting.”