DECA prepares for State

DECA adapting to prerecorded competitions and new guidelines

Janai Munoz, Page Editor

As the season begins, DECA starts to see an emergence of students who want to learn, inform and educate themselves and others,  and compete with their peers. With COVID-19  cases on the rise, the members of DECA will not be able to participate with their normal in-person and hands-on interactions. The club also has new sponsors, Mr. Ryan Popa, business teacher, and Mrs. Joan Miller, special education teacher.

 Similar to every other club this year, in order for the team to continue, some accommodations had to be made. These adjustments include recording themselves for competitions instead of meeting and role-playing with judges and not being able to go on trips to meet said judges. 

“The DECA team is just trying their best to stay positive during this time,” Anagha Kodukula, sophomore, said. “It’s not an easy year for anyone, but you have to embrace the advantages and stay grateful.” 

However, this will not diminish the members spirit, but will only push them harder to qualify for State and Internationals. After districts have happened, the nerves have now settled and the DECA team is preparing for state starting on Feb. 16.

“This year I think all of us, especially those of us who qualified for Internationals last year, are even more motivated to qualify again because we weren’t able to go to Nashville in April,” Anushka Majety, junior, said. “This past year, I think for most people, has created a new perspective in which we realize that not everything is a guarantee, and we can’t take things for granted.”