Girls’ Track gets new coach

Coach Pierie shows his excitement to lead the team


Anthony Young

FRESH START In the training room, Coach Dillon Pierre, track coach, talks with Katie Hemingway, senior and captain for distance team, about plans for upcoming season.

Linda Ramirez, page editor

At long last the Girls’ Track team finally gained a coach of their own. Ever since the previous coach stepped down, the team has needed someone to fill the role. And lucky for them, a relatively new teacher has stepped up to the plate starting this semester. 

Mr. Dillon Pierie, math teacher, is now officially Coach Pierie. He has not been teaching here all too long yet, but he is no stranger to the Mustang Spirit, having graduated here in 2015.

Track is new terrain for Coach Pierie, as most of his experience is from other athletic fields.

“I played one year of college football at North Central College in Naperville, IL,” he said. “However, I do have some experience with throwing shot put and discus in high school.”

However, it can be trusted that the girls will be in good hands due to his time coaching both football and basketball during his high school years. And, while there is much work to be done, and trial and error to be had, Coach Pierie is confident in a smooth transition.

“Thankfully I have an extremely helpful support system,” Coach Pierie said. “Our athletic department, assistant coaches and athletes are helping me navigate this as we get started.”

Being new aboard the sport does not hinder any plans for success that he and the girls hold either. They’re already making much progress with solid regiments.

“Our weight lifting program is meant to teach basic lifting techniques,’ coach pierie said. “Being strong and flexible helps any athlete with performance and injury prevention.”

In addition to beginning their conditioning, hopes for the season have been created, and Coach Pierie is optimistic in their ability to reach them. 

“Winning Conference and winning the Sectional are two concrete team goals that I think we will have,” Coach Pierie said.

A key factor to having a happy and successful team is their trust and familiarity with their coach, to which Coach Pierie understands and values well.

“I think the most important thing for me to do as a coach is to get to know the girls,” he said. “Every athlete has a different personality, motivation for doing their sport, and the way they need to be coached. I feel like the better I know the girls, the better coach I will be for them.”

As sweet as a team victory may be, Coach Pierie has the best intentions for his athletes, and wants them to flourish independently as well.

“I think it is just as important to emphasize that all of our athletes should strive to improve individually throughout the course of the year,” Pierie said. “We want to have an inclusive team, and regardless of your competitiveness, experience or ability level, we will readily welcome everyone who wants to be a part of our team and is willing to work hard.”