Munster Theatre Company hosts call-out meeting Feb. 4


Gia Cvitkovich

PLACES EVERYONE Rehearsing for  the production of “They eat sunshine not zebras” Isidora Pavlic, Josh Korwek,Sophomores and Claire William ,Chloe Sarkhardy,Freshman, receive constructive criticism from Mr. Palasz.

Atarah Israel, Managing editor

Bringing new life to the phrase, “the show must go on,” the Munster Theatre company has planned two new productions for the spring. The club will be holding a call out meeting via Microsoft Teams for their spring play, “Peter and the Starcatcher” Feb. 4.  A pre-recorded performance of the play will be streamed in May. For those interested, Mr. Ray Palasz, Theatre director, is coordinating the distribution of the meeting link. Members of Theatre are also preparing for the production of Tarzan, a streaming event that will feature MHS alumni and will premiere in April. Despite the setback of not having in-person, live performances, members remain enthusiastic about the productions.

“From the fall productions, it was very weird having to act and perform without an audience, just because we did film those as well,” Ashley Nita, senior and president, said. “We did a comedy for the fall production, and you’re used to having to break for laughter, and you just don’t get that when you have a joke. It’s almost awkward in a way, but you have to just focus on the camera and pretend that there’s people in the audience to make sure you do get that actual acting experience.”