Winter Guard begins competition season

Winter Guard continues to persevere as the season adopts more changes


Cali Petersen

SHARP STANCE Practicing rifle in the WWMS gym this week, Jordan Garrison, junior, works to prepare for Winter Guard’s first competition on Feb. 6 at Franklin Central High School. “I am hoping for a longer season, since this year was cut short due to covid, to make new memories,” Garrison said.

The Winter Guard season has been underway since November, and a few major competitions are on the horizon. Despite the pandemic, Winter Guard has still been able to attend competitions in-person. They have had a combination of virtual, hybrid and in-person competitions.

Robert Brunetti

“Covid has impacted our season in terms of traveling and our competitive arena. It’s also been difficult with student priorities shifting,” Coach Danielle Beaton said. “I’ve seen how the economical impact that Covid has had on certain families have caused high school students to shift from extracurricular activities to getting jobs to help support their households. We also have had to practice with masks and take more sanitary precautions. We’ve been fortunate enough to still be able to rehearse and compete in whatever capacity we’re allowed.”

Safety is always of the utmost importance. Although COVID-19 presents extra steps to be taken and boundaries to overcome, Winter Guard still strives to perform at their best.

“I am extremely proud of them,” Coach Beaton said. “I don’t get to tell them enough because we are in training and I am pushing them as much as possible. However, I am very proud of each and every member on the team and I look forward to seeing where the show this year takes them.”