REVIEW: De-stressing at its best

Crier staffers rate different ways to de-stress by enjoyability, time consumption and repeatability

Activity #1: Coloring

READY, SET, DRAW Cali Petersen, junior, colors while Anthony Young, junior, takes a photo of his finished product and Cali’s progress. (Anthony Young)

Cali: Coloring is probably my favorite activity out of the three activities for endless reasons. Although coloring took the most time, I thoroughly enjoyed the calmness and youthful mood of the activity. I did not finish coloring, but I think that is okay due to the fact that I could save it for a later time. The whole time we were coloring, we were completely silent which was a sign of tranquility and focus. As a kid I actually hated coloring because I couldn’t stay within the lines. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so that drove me crazy. I also thought coloring was boring and had no point other than to make birthday cards. Today, I can obviously stay within the lines and buy my own birthday cards. Overall, this activity was the most enjoyable and I would definitely do it again. 

Anthony: This was the most time consuming out of the three activities, taking 55 minutes. We used a coloring book which isn’t necessary. I colored in a pecan with a variety of colors. This was the least mentally stimulating and I found myself wanting to be done a lot of times. The main problem was how long it took, considering what you were doing. I think that was the most frustrating part. This is definitely an activity that you can set aside a few hours and do. If you want it to take a little longer you could even draw your own drawing and then color that in. Doing that would give you more freedom and appreciation for what you’re doing.


Activity #2: Board Game

BLOCKED Cali Petersen, junior, strategically thinking of her next move. (Anthony Young)

Cali: The board game we played is called Blockus. The game is all about strategy which forced me to think outside the box in order to succeed in the game. I think the game we chose was a good choice because it got me thinking and in the zone. If I am ever in a stressed state of mind, I think this game could help redirect my focus so then after the game I can possess clarity. I think the game could be used as a great short brain break for many people because this activity took the least amount of time. In the end, Anthony did end up winning but I do consider this activity to be fun and I would consider doing it again. 

Anthony:  Blockus was fun. Taking only 18 minutes, this game was not only enjoyable, but also mentally stimulating. It did not take much skill to get into; I was pretty adapted in a short amount of time. I found that playing a board game is an excellent thing to do if you are looking to burn time with a friend. That was the one downside: you needed friends. The other two activities only require yourself.


Activity #3: Video Games

BUILDING BLOCKS TO SUCCESS Anthony and Cali build houses and survive in the popular video game, Minecraft. (Anthony Young)

Cali: First of all, I am not that interested in video games. I don’t have video games on my phone for two reasons. One, I don’t understand the point of having video games on my phone and two, it gives me a reason not to give my phone to a kid under the age of 10. We ended up playing Minecraft which is a game that I played a long time ago with my younger sister. Anthony did better than I did because I quickly lost interest in the game. There’s no time limit, so it could have lasted a long time. Personally, I think video games can be easily distracting and take up too much time. I didn’t enjoy playing and I would not do it again. 


Anthony: This activity was a combination of the time consumption from the drawing and the mental stimulation of the board game. For our game, we played Minecraft, which allowed us to be creative in our own way. Cali had a tough time, but I got along just fine. I built a beautiful lakeside house while Cali built a below-average shack. I had fun, but I don’t think Cali did. Definitely not for anyone, but if you have a console, gaming is a great way to pass the time.