REVIEW: Best lemon rice soup around Munster

December 10, 2020

REVIEW: Best lemon rice soup around Munster

BACKTALK: What is your favorite soup?

Viktoria Maliba
“My favorite soup is lemon rice soup.”                       – Viktoria Maliba
“My favorite soup is chicken dumpling soup because I tried it at a friends house and now it’s my go-to soup everywhere.”                            – Fatima Zehraoui 















“My favorite soup is ramen. Miso ramen from Kitaro is so fire.”                                                       – Cayden Baltensberger
“My favorite soup is autumn squash soup, specifically from Panera. I love getting it during the fall time since that’s the only time it’s there, so every year I try to get it at least once because it’s just so yummy, nothing can compare!”  – Gabriela Ruiz
















“My favorite soup is French onion.”                            – Sierra Sweeney 
“My favorite soup is chicken and dumplings particularly because of the chicken, vegetable and biscuit or ‘dumpling’ combination. It is somewhat close to chicken noodle soup, but it is creamier, which I prefer, and it is much more filling in my opinion.”                                             – Jonathan Bryson-Harvey

















“Definitely lemon rice soup. I can eat that almost every day with bread.”                                     – Isabel Rodriguez
“My favorite is Broccoli cheddar soup.”                      – Kaitlyn Munoz















“I love Stuffed Pepper Soup and Zuppa Toscana. We make a homemade recipe at home that I think is better than the Olive Garden!”                                                                     – Mrs. Brook Lemon, English Teacher 
“My favorite soup is lobster bisque. I love seafood and it makes me feel fancy when I order lobster bisque.”                                             – Mr. Benjamin Boruff, English Teacher 
















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REVIEW: Best lemon rice soup around Munster