Letter from the Editor

Much has changed since the last time we were told to leave school on a Friday the 13. Since then, we’ve adopted an entirely new vocabulary, adjusted to mask life, and adapted to living under quarantine. Since then, we’ve survived this previously unimaginable moment in history. We experienced this anxious and uncertain time, seperate but together.

In our last issue of Crier in the spring, our former editor, Lexi Lindenmayer, wrote to the student body about living with the unknown. In March, when school let out for distanced learning, we didn’t know what to expect. We spent each day anticipating and dreading each new headline, terrified for what attrocities we would bear witness to next. But we’ve lived through all that this year has yet to offer, and we know how to carry on accordingly.

On Tuesday, this week, Dr. Jeffrey  Hendrix,  Superintendent, announced that Lake County is above 13 percent of positive cases. As a result, the School Town of Munster is moving to eLearning and will return to school no later than Dec. 2. As of today, select programs will still be in operation with students in attendance. 

Upon hearing this message, we have collectively begun to ask ourselves: “how could this happen again?” Crier wants to remind everyone that each of us are in control of our futures. By taking precaution, social distancing, washing our hands and wearing masks correctly, we can take responsibility and stay healthy.

Crier will continue to publish during distanced learning. You can find our stories at our website, mhsnews.net. 

Stay safe, and remember to mask up, Mustangs.