Drawing the line


Linda Ramirez, page editor

Linda Ramirez, page editor

Politics are the great divider of society; an eternal discussion on how our world should work. What qualifies as a human right? What laws and restrictions should be enforced, and who should make those decisions? These are incredibly important questions.

When you and your friends think critically, as all should, you may find that you hold opposing beliefs. You might even realize that you and your family hold entirely different beliefs. The commonly accepted solution to this dilemma is that it shouldn’t be allowed to ruin relationships, which at first glance is a fair and reasonable answer. Political discussions are relevant to our everyday lives, but not often do they consume us in entirety. 

Chances are even if you can remain friendly and cordial with others, you are not real friends. Your friends are going to be those who align with you. This is not to say don’t consider others’ views. Being able to entertain a thought without accepting it, is a skill worth having.

If the struggle of belonging to different political groups is too much, its not just politics. It is likely that you are different, incompatible people. 

It’s all based on the way you were raised to think and act. What you have retaught  and introduced into your life as you grow to contemplate what life you will choose to live.  So even if it’s not all of who you are, politics are a still a huge part of you. At this point they’re synonymous with your morals. Ending a relationship because of them is valid, and pretending it isn’t is just a harmful form of complacency.