Thomas Zangrilli

In preparation for his next debate, Arman Kumar, junior, researches information to include in his case next weekend. Debate has seen major changes this year with competitors now talking through their computer screens to judges in zoom meetings. COVID-19 has definitely changed how things operate and Debate is certainly not exempt from that. Having competitions almost every Saturday, Debate has to participate in its competitions virtually, with judges viewing them via online meetings.

“Being limited to virtual practices and meets has been a little tough,” Akansha Chauhan, junior, said. “We don’t get to have the same kinds of interactions between teammates, and have had to make do with few options for activities outside of discussion during practice. Not being able to compete with my partner in person has also made it hard to communicate effectively and work together efficiently.”

The change leaves little room for communication, discussion, and group collaboration between members as a virtual call is not as effective as in person interaction. Although the debate season is ending soon in early December, the post season will begin in early January. The debate club seems to have been pushing through and tried their hardest to continue during these strange times.