Go With the Flow


Cali Petersen

STAY IN YOUR LANE Victor Vatchev, junior, swimming backstroke during warmups at practice. “I’m hoping to drop time in my individual events,” Vatchev said, “And try to make State as well as see my teammates succeed.”

Cali Petersen, Co-Head Photographer

Like other teams, the Boys and Girls Swim team have had to make changes in order to follow CDC protocols. Swimmers have to limit how many people are in the locker room and wear masks at all times unless they are in the water. When in the water at practice, there is a maximum of three people per lane urging swimmers to keep their distance to ease the process of quarantining swimmers in case someone gets COVID-19. Despite all of these changes, Swim will have their first meet against another team on November 23rd. Meets are expected to run relatively the same. Maria Paulieva, junior, expresses her hopes for the upcoming season, “I am excited for this year’s season,” Paulieva said, “It’s definitely going to be a different experience but hopefully we can make the most out of it.”