The game amongst everyone


Alexis Perez, Design Editor

A rise of interest in a game that came out in 2018 has become commonly played among friends and family. Among us  is a well known game that has been played by almost everyone.  Players who are crew mates have to finish their tasks or find out who the imposter is in order to win the game. An imposter’s  goal is to kill off the crew mates and not get caught to win.

 “I believe Among Us is a fun game to play with friends, a game with the detective concept similar to games like Mafia, Town of Salem and Clue,” Courtney Companik, senior, said. “I am still surprised that the game became popular after two years of being released. Still, it’s a fun and simple game, and deserves this sudden attention.”

This game is a social deduction game. It requires the ability to problem solve and also is a way to have a good time playing with other people around the world. The game is great for this year since everyone can stay socially distant and are still able to have fun with their friends. Players would usually chat in a discord call or Zoom meeting since they cannot be together in-person. The game also has a chat while you wait in the lobby for the game to start.  

“I like being the imposter and having to hide my giddiness during meetings after killing a crew mate,” Rachel Dawson,  senior, said.

The game allows players to conversate with the others in the game. Students usually play this game during their free time. It passes by the time and it involves different methods of thinking. 

“I think it is good to play with friends during quarantine especially if you talk over voice chat with them. It’s a good bonding experience. It replicates the betrayal friends would feel while playing Uno during lunch periods,” Rachel said.

One can play with four to ten players. There could be up to one to three imposters. Depending on the host, they can choose how many there are. The other players are crew mates who have to finish tasks in order to win the game or kick out the imposters. Multiplayer games are a popular genre in the world today.

 “I think it became popular with social media and friends trying to find a game they can play together that is free,” Bryce Martin, junior, said.

The game spiked in popularity so much that the developers announced a sequel but later canceled to focus on the original game.

 Among Us is such a popular game that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)  played the game Oct. 20  on Twitch streaming. Added to the stream was Hasan Piker, as well as popular streamers known as Pokimane, Myth, Disguised Toast, Dr. Lupo, and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). Alexandria now has over 700,000 Twitch followers and on the Among Us stream she has over five and a half million views. 

Among Us has become one of the most streamed games on Twitch and has accumulated 400,000 Steam players as of September. The game first appeared on Twitch when known streamers would play the game on their stream. The game actually became popular by online content creators who streamed the game last year in different countries such as South Korea, Brazil, and Mexico.  

“It’s a really fun game and I think that it’s very rare for a game to be popular for this long and not gain a large toxic following,” Rachel said.