Laying it up

Girls’ Basketball hopes to attend first game tomorrow


PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT At their practice on Nov. 10, Nikki Sullivan, junior, runs drills with her teammates. The team hopes to go even farther than last year. “On top of that, (I hope) to strengthen the ‘family’ culture that we started last year,” she said.

Atarah Israel, Managing Editor

Building off of last season’s success, Girls’ Basketball seeks to once again dominate the court. With a game tomorrow against Chesterson, the girls have one of their first chances to rebuild this season. 

“I think we’re all eager for the season to start, and have high expectations following last year’s sectional title,” Olivia Porter, junior, said. “What I’m looking forward to most this season is just getting to play and make memories with this great group of girls, and attempting to carry on last year’s success.”

Though their first official game is tomorrow, previous game cancellations prior have delayed the intended start of the competition. These stalls, have been far from a negative pause in the girls’ practice, but are opportunities for support for other female athletes. Three of the Girls’ Basketball team members double as Girls’ Volleyball players as well—Grace Clark, Nikki Sullivan, juniors, and Holly Kaim, senior.

“We have cancelled some games not due to COVID so far but due to (Girls’) Volleyball going to State,” Coach Brianne Rubesha, assistant varsity coach, said. “We want our girls to support them throughout this history.”

Among the basketball team’s largest competition pools are some of their more formidable opponents, such as Lake Central and Chesterton. Despite this, the greater challenge of maintaining a season poses a more testing obstacle.

“The goals for this season are to defend our conference and sectional titles,” Coach Rubesha said. “The opponents we are focusing on are anyone we can play. This season is full of unknowns. However, the main goal is to have everyone stay healthy and be able to have a season. We have not had problems, [except] with the cold and flu season, plus COVID.”

With all preparation for their first official game, Girls’ Basketball’s goals for the future will be solidified in tomorrow’s game.

“I think our first game will be a lot of learning and growing from it,” Coach Rubesha said. “It will allow the coaches and players to figure out what we need to focus on as we improve throughout the season.”