Editorial: More to be thankful for

OUR TAKE: Though this year has brought many uncertainties, try to find reassurance in the tenacity of humanity

November 11, 2020

By now, you have probably come across countless headlines or social media posts heralding the calamities of this year. “COVID-19,” “protest” and “politics” are only a few of the words that took on even more profound meaning this year, while simultaneously turning the world on its head. Though it is easy to list the countless events that have shaped this year, it is much more difficult to find some semblance of optimism in most of them. This dire outlook, however, does not accurately characterize ours.

Despite the numerous challenges  we face, our ability to continue pushing toward another year highlights our tenacity and strength as a society. In the face of adversity, change and division, we are still here, and that is enough. Though it is integral to take into account the circumstances that have wrought the chaos of 2020, it is also important to note the means by which we have worked to overcome some of the challenges of this year. From local food drives in support of  families affected by COVID-19, to a rise in advocacy for minorities affected by discrimination, the changes we have seen this year have not only highlighted some of the darkest parts of our humanity, but the brightest, and most admirable. 

Our shared experiences, however dividing, remains to be a collective engagement in our psyches. COVID-19 has been a force we all have had to reckon with, and are still engaging. Despite our isolation and distance from one another, the sameness of our struggle connects us. 

One major arena in which gratefulness and support is wholly needed is school, particularly teachers. Withstanding schedule changes, separated classes and technological fluctuations, teachers have been forced to navigate new terrain as individuals, and as well as in the workplace. The adaptations teachers have been making are far from easy, all of it done for the sake of quality education.  

When searching for aspects of the year to be thankful for, remember to acknowledge the rare silent moments that remind us that we remain. Even if these moments must be forced through off-days, or time taken out for self-care, proper rest under the stress of a global pandemic is as much needed as work. It is from these moments of renewal that we can continue to rebuild, and work toward understanding one another.

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