Back on the mat


SQUARING OFF At wrestling practice Nov. 15, Cris Silva, freshman, goes over basic wrestling moves with his partner. The team’s first three matches were cancelled due to COVID-19, so their first match is Dec. 2 at Andrean at 6:30 p.m. “We were just reviewing moves,” Silva said, “So I wasn’t feeling too tired.”

Gage Hoekstra, page editor

With just a week left until their first super dual, Nov. 20 to 21, a two-day team tournament, the Wrestling team is holding nothing back.

“We’ve been hitting conditioning hard,” Elijah Homan, junior, said. “We’ve also been really focused on our drilling, especially for the newer kids so that they can learn and master what they need in order to go deep into a match and come out on top.”

Even with all their training, however, there are some situations the team can’t fight their way out of. 

“Our only concern is the risk of the season getting cancelled because of COVID,” Elijah said. “The contagiousness of this pandemic really has a big impact on our out- season and if too many schools’ teams get the virus the season will surely get cancelled. If one of us gets the virus it is likely a few other kids will get it as wrestling is as hands on as a sport can get.”

The team has been taking many precautions, including sanitizing before and after practices, cleaning mats daily, temperature checks and screening questions before each practice and event, mandatory mask wearing up until the point of competition, and small cohorts and other social distancing measures. While the threat of the pandemic is ever looming, the team is still hopeful for an exciting and successful season.

“This year will be very different,” Coach Zach Slosser said. “We have more kids with experience and we also have many freshmen that have wrestled for multiple years. Having that experience in young guys helps varsity learn different techniques and styles of wrestling. As a team, we are trying to get more recognition. We hope to get more students involved in wrestling because our current wrestlers have found out that the sport is more than what our Munster community believes it is.”