Taking the high road

Girls, Boys Cross Country runners discuss challenges and solutions as they begin to wrap up their season


Henry Hofferth

INTO THE WIND Striving for the finish line, Charles Iverson, junior, runs during the Sectionals meet at Highland. “Even though cross country doesn’t involve passing a ball back and forth between teammates like other sports, you still have to have that team mentality and support your teammates because that is how success is achieved,” Iverson said.

Lana Salahieh, Editor in Chief

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel for Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country team members. After a challenging season, the runners prepare themselves for Semi-state at New Prairie High School.

“This year our season has had its ups and downs,” Katie Hemingway, senior, said. “(Due to injury), We lost the fastest girl on our team, Hannah Robbins, so it has taken a lot of hard work to try to fill that void. We’ve placed in the top six at almost every meet this year and qualified for Regionals at Lemon Lake on Oct. 17.”

Regionals went well overall, with three girls (Mary Buck, Riley Jorge, and Katie Hemmingway, all qualifying individually for Semi-state. However, due to an error in the point system, after being awarded in the top five, the girls’ team learned they did not in fact place for Semi-state. 

“Our team was not happy about the results, but at the end of the day we all ran our hearts out on the course,” Hemingway said.

The team is not too sorely beaten over it though. By finding comfort and support in each other through challenges they grow stronger.

“I feel like the atmosphere created on this team is one that’s accepting. Not many teams can say that they know each and every one of their teammates and I believe that because we are so closely knit, we’re able to connect very well as a group,” Hemingway said.

The boys, on the other hand, did exceptionally well and will continue to battle onwards this weekend.

“At Semi-state, our goal is to finish (as) one of the top 6 teams which would advance us to state in Terra Haute on Halloween,” said Jacob Cipowski, junior. “Our goal this year is to make it to state, which Munster has not done since 2014.”