Editorial: Guiding light

Editorial: Guiding light

“She’s done so much for me.” “I strive to be like her.” “She’s a huge part of who I am today.”

What’s in a role model? It’s someone who inspires you, guides you. It’s a person who serves as an anchor or a goal post. In some cases, it’s a person you can trust, rely on and love. These role models are our light.

Throughout history, there are countless women who have pushed the boundary in some way, that serve as the icon and model for future generations: be it activists, singers, athletes, writers or scientists.

The purpose of women’s history month—this month—is to honor these women trailblazers, these role models.

Women’s history lies with the suffragettes who worked for decades to gain equal rights; they are our reminder to never give up when working for a better future.

But in the modern era, we can turn to someone like Caitlin Clark, an icon for talent and proof that anyone can start a revolution, even in the daily things like sports.

Every member of Crier staff was tasked to select one woman role model from their lives, and describe why they are a role model. It makes sense that most of Crier chose to honor their mothers and grandmothers.

We spend so much of our lives around them, and they in turn guide our character from a very young age; they impact our development as much as our education does.

Across each description, there were themes of determination, love, understanding, aid; themes of mothers pushing herself and her children to strive for greater achievement, and of knowing when to help and how. Themes of fun, happiness and relaxation were common too.

But a role model can be anywhere. Some staff wanted to honor other women in their lives, like a hardworking friend, or a teacher who thrives in helping others.

There are so many women everywhere who are impacting our lives for the better. Whether we’ve met them or not, these women guide us to become better versions of ourselves, who inspire our lives and personalities. We want to take the time to honor these people, because they deserve it for all they do for us.

Take the time to think about the women role models in your life. Take the time to talk to them, and tell them how much they mean to you. We are making history together. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge people’s role in your own story.

Our Take:

Women role models are important to our character and should be honored.

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