Building Bonds


Henry Hofferth

PREPARATION Ms. Fus holds up the URL code for the meeting sign-in.

Alison Lee, Copy Editor

Best Buddies started off the year with a match party, where the Peer Buddies get to meet their buddy for the year. This Oct. 25 is the Halloween themed event.

“Best Buddies makes me really excited because of all the joy it brings to kids at school,” Tyler Groen, senior and president of Best Buddies, said. “Sometimes it is tough to make friends at a big school so having a club like this where everyone is welcome is truly exciting.” 

Members of Best Buddies strive for the inclusion of students with disabilities. The buddy system ensures that everyone has someone there for them, and to make sure no one feels left out. 

 “Best Buddies is a club that focuses on building new and different friendships while highlighting inclusion so that no one ever feels left out,” Lulu Torres, senior and vice president of Best Buddies, said.

2020 has brought on new challenges for Best Buddies, but they are still planning to have the exact amount of quality they typically output for their students. 

“Ms. Hannah Fus (ASL teacher) and Mrs. Anne Cop (Exceptional Needs teacher) put a lot of work into best buddies and they are a huge help,” Tyler said. “Without them the club would not be as successful as it is.”

Best Buddies still has positions open and are open to new members joining. If you are interested in joining Best Buddies, email Ms. Fus at [email protected].