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Band overcomes COVID related obstacles and earns gold


Cali Peterson

DETERMINATION Playing the vibraphone in the pit, Shail Patel, freshmen, stays in time requiring major focus. Band has been performing virtually due to COVID-19 regulations, which have restricted their ability to perform inperson. “The virtual competition was like a real competition because there were still judges that viewed your performance in real time,” Shail said, “But it felt a little more relaxed than a real competition.”

Linda Ramirez, Page Editor

Marching Band is traditionally performed as a live experience, especially when in contest. However with restrictions on mass gatherings, Band takes to virtual performances.

A live stream was taped on the football field on Oct. 17, for Bands Of America, which brought the end of the season. 

Tuba section leader, Brook Maul, Junior, felt the event was anticlimactic.

“It just felt like it was any other day,” she said. “This season was one of the most difficult motivationwise because of COVID-19. Usually we were determined to go to state, feel the rush of competing. It was exciting, not knowing if we’d move onto state and regionals and all. But this year we didn’t get that. It was hard to take it seriously and give it our all like we were supposed too.”

However, being disappointed did not mean being  ungrateful. 

“Even though this season looked nothing like the ones in the past,” Jackie Bevil, senior, said, “I know that all students, directors, and staff are doing their part to make this year as memorable as possible. I’m just glad to have had some semblence of a season.”

Band received gold with distinction in music and visual in ISSMA, and is now moving to winter concert. 

“We’re not sure how auditions are going to be, since everyones split up, but we’ll see in a couple weeks” said Brook.