Issue 7 Corrections

In Issue 7 of Crier, on page 2, the robotic competition was in the St. Joseph District. In the block schedule brief, Karol Ceja is a sophomore. In the Introduce a Girl to Engineering brief, it was held at Purdue University in West Lafayette. The photo TEAM APOPTOSIS was taken by Ethan Pischner. On pages 4-5, the year in the header should be 2023 and Joey Campagna is a junior. In both Hockey photos, Hayden Krupa goes to Marist High School in Illinois and Ryan DeGard goes to Oak Forest High School in Illinois. On page 6, in the caption BRAIN BREAK, Mrs. Linda Ramos is a special needs teacher. On page 8, Kam Hubbard’s second quote in the story should read, “I think BCC helps with that.” Also, the second senior quote in Backtalk that reads, “I think spring starts March 21st…” was not said by Lauralyn Courtney. Crier regrets these errors.