Issue 5 Corrections

In Issue 5 of Crier, on page 1, the stipends decision by the state was not recent. In corrections on page 2, Mrs. Koula Amanatidis-Radoicic’s name is spelt wrong. On page 5, the photo TEACHING THE TRADITION was taken by Marianna Young. On page 6, the book photos were taken by Damien Salahieh and Zoe Clark and the Starbucks photos were taken by Anna Evilsizor. On page 7, gymnastics is not an official sport at MHS. Also, in the photo IT TAKES TWO TO TANGLE, Liam Boyle is a freshman and Anthony Paredes is a sophomore. Coach Zach Slosser’s name is misspelled in the Wrestling story. On page 8, under answers, Mr. Mike Wells is the former principal.